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Ruger Mark II G10 Grips (Black)

Price: $69.00
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Item Number: A-GRPMK2-001


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The MIL-TAC Ruger Mark II G10 pistol grips were designed to withstand the harsh environments encountered by our military and law enforcement units. Working towards the goal of producing a maintenance free and virtually indestructible Ruger Mark II grip, MIL-TAC Ruger Mark II grips are CNC machined from G10 laminate which is the best choice for rugged tactical pistols that require an extreme duty grip. Impervious to solvents, heat, sweat, salt water or moisture, these grips offer non-degrading dimensional stability under all conditions and will not crack or chip especially around the grip screw holes. The MIL-TAC Ruger Mark II grips have an aggressive checkering pattern which prevents slippage even under the most adverse conditions when the hands are wet or sweaty and the hand filling profile provides an almost vise like gripping surface. The MIL-TAC Ruger Mark II grips are extremely functional and great looking and repositions the shooter's right hand for improved finger positioning on the trigger.

SPECS: MIL-TAC G10 laminate Ruger Mark II grips are available in solid black and also a black and grey laminate. Both colors blend well on a blued or black pistol as well as a stainless steel or two tone (blued and stainless steel) pistol.


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