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ResQ-Pak Personal Aid Kit - Level 1

Price: $49.50
Item Number: A-RESQ-1
The ResQ-PAK is a compact, durable kit of the essential items you need to stop life-threatening bleeding (for yourself or a buddy) until medical help is available. Designed to fit neatly and comfortably in a suit jacket, vest or BDU pocket, the ResQ-PAK is always ON you when you need it (and not left behind in the car).

Recommended for plainclothes, protection detail, patrol, corrections officers.

Contents (5 oz.):

- HemCon ChitoGauze™
- 4” x 4”, 8 ply (total length: 32”)
- 5” x 9” ABD pad
- 4” x 75” roll bandage
- 40” x 40” x 56” triangular bandage
- two sets 4” x 3” cover sponges
- combat medic tape
- non-latex gloves